5 Types of Vaginal Discharge And What They Mean – An Infographic

vaginal discharge


Vaginal discharge: pretty much no one likes to talk about it.

No-doubt, the vagina tells a lot about a women’s health, especially with discharge, which signifies everything about women’s body, either the normal cycles or the major health issues. Though vaginal discharge is not totally normal, it’s actually helpful to keep the vagina healthy, moisturized clean and prevent infections.

Including that, it also alerts you when something’s out of control.

Yes, asking your doctor has been always a great option, but here are 5 types of vaginal discharge which every woman can examine my herself through this infographic by Unity Point Health:

The vagina is the most sensitive part of our body, so always choose the best for your body. V-tight gel for vagina is one of the best vagina care products. It can help you to maintain vaginal health and hygiene.

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